Zero E-Michigan Podcast and YouTube Channel

Since December 2022, I've directed my creative energy into a podcast and YouTube channel called "Zero E-Michigan" with my friend and co-host Larry Hudson. 

On this show we try to explore and simplify what’s happening with electric vehicles, energy generation, and zero emissions topics with a focus on our home state of Michigan. Together with our guests we demystify topics related to driving electric in Michigan and how you can select, charge, maintain, and get the maximum value out of your EV.

The podcasts are available in both video form (on YouTube in the Podcasts playlist) and audio only on your favorite podcast platform 


Additional Content on YouTube:

In addition to the podcast episodes on YouTube, we have tackled topics like:
Whatever your preferred platform for Michigan-centered EV content, I hope you'll join us on this mission towards Zero Emissions in Michigan!


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