2015 Tesla Model S P85D - Sold!

2015 Tesla Model S P85D For Sale


Asking: $28,900 (below average KBB private sale estimate)

Free Lifetime Supercharging

P85D with "Insane" acceleration

This will save you thousands of dollars over the life of the car!  I save over $500 on a recent road trip to Arizona.

Additional pictures: Google Photo Album

VIN: 5YJSA1H42FF086621

Odometer: ~122,500 miles

Contact:  karl.bloss@gmail.com or 231-753-8660 (voice/text) for a test drive

Location:  Muskegon, MI

Local purchase with secured funds only.  I will not ship this car.  I have a Carvana sale offer in hand, so please no low-ball offers.  

We recently took advantage of the Tesla pricing update and since we wanted towing capability and the longer range available on today's Teslas, we are getting a Model Y and are reluctantly selling this gorgeous Model S.  We are the original owners, so you should be able to transfer the free lifetime Supercharging feature.  Just plug in at any Supercharger and there's no cost, ever.  

This car has been babied with daily charging to 80-90% battery for daily driving and Supercharging only on road trips.  The car has been as far east as Maine and as far west as Arizona.  The Supercharger network will let you go pretty much anywhere.  All service has been done at Tesla factory service except tires where we used local tire shops.  The Michelin Cross Climate 2 tires have more than 50% life left on them and are great in both snow and dry weather.  This car is rock solid in Michigan winters.  

It still turns heads and, while it's not a 2023 Model S Plaid, it will launch from 0-60 in under 4 seconds and bring forth screams, yelp, and "holy ----" reactions.  

We just got back from a 4,700 mile trip to Arizona and the car performed flawlessly.  I would not hesitate to jump into the car and drive anywhere in its current condition.  

  • Dual motor all-wheel drive
  • Autopilot 1.0 with convenience features
  • Premium connectivity included for life (live GPS)
  • MCU2 Upgrade performed ($2,500 cost) which supersedes the MCU recall
  • 85 kWh Performance version
  • Red multi-coat color
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • 19" factory wheels
  • Michelin Cross Climate 2 all-season mud and snow capable tires installed at ~99K miles; right rear replaced with a new tire at about 110K miles because of a sidewall failure.
  • Ultra high-fidelity sounds system
  • Tan leather seats
  • Tesla indicated range at 100% charge ~230 miles (original 252 miles)
  • Peak charging power ~100 KW at Tesla Supercharger
  • Single 40A charging power onboard (9.6 KW max AC charge)
  • Battery limited warranty and drive unit warranty valid through June 16, 2023
  • Basic vehicle warranty and extended service agreement expired.

Vehicle Condition: Very Good to Excellent
  • No accidents or fender benders ever
  • Original motors and battery
  • All 4 dour handles replaced with the newer design that should last longer.
  • Hood has some road rash and minor dents from 100K+ miles of highway travel.  Since the hood is made of aluminum, there is no rush on any of the dings.
  • Windshield has a circular crack about 2" across from a stone hit.  I have not had the windshield replaced because the crack has not grown in over 1 year (happened 10/16/2021) including a full summer and winter.  The cost to replace the windshield is about $1300, so the car is priced appropriately.  You can likely get many miles out of it as is since the crack is not growing.  See pictures in above album.
  • 12V battery replaced April 2022
  • All recalls performed
  • No rips or tears in seat leather
  • Non-smoking owners
  • No pets have ever been in car

Additional Accessories Included:
  • Tesla Whispbar roof rack bars and all installation hardware (kayak racks in pictures NOT included)
  • J1772 to Tesla adapter
  • GE home charging station (240V 30A with NEMA 14-50 plug) included if desired.  
  • Tesla mobile charge cable NOT included.  You can get a Tesla mobile charging cable here for $230:  Mobile Connector (tesla.com)
  • Tesla mud and snow floor mats
  • Cargo mat
  • Original Tesla carpet floor mats


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