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 [Updated 3/18/2023 to include Newsletter #9]

I joined the Consumers Energy Electric Vehicle Programs team in January, so I have been focusing my education and outreach efforts in that direction rather than this blog.  One of the new outreach methods is an EV e-Newsletter that is being sent via e-mail to a select group of Consumers Energy EV customers such as those who have received rebates from the PowerMIDrive program.  However they are in the public domain and have been shared via social media.  

While Consumers Energy does have web pages dedicated to EVs, the e-Newsletters have not been linked there yet.  While we work on making updates to the content of those EV web pages, here are the links to the back issues. 

New! Issue #10 - May 2023

In this issue, we’re brewing up coffee from the energy in an EV battery and we take a trip to Boyne Mountain Resort where you can charge your EV while you stay and play. We also give Tesla owners some advice on why and how to use DC Fast Charger adapters, and we meet an EV driver who used home solar panels as gateway technology to make a case for switching to an EV.

Issue Highlights:

  • Tap Your Battery  - Using Vehicle to Load
  • EV Site Host Profile: Boyne Mountain Resort
  • EV Driver Profile: Ryan Pringnitz - Tesla Model Y and Solar Panels
  • Sidebar: Beyond Superchargers - Using Tesla Adapters to Tap into DC Fast Charging
  • Bonus:  Electrify Your Cooking with Induction Stoves

Issue #9 - March 2023

In this issue, we highlight some tips on how to maximize your tax refund if you bought an EV during 2022, help you find overnight accommodations around Michigan with EV charging, meet the driver of a Rivian R1T pickup truck that doubles as a power tailgater during MSU games and provide some guidance on how (and why) to check on your EV’s 12V battery.

Issue Highlights:

  • EV Tax Credits and the IRA
  • How to Find Hotel and Campground Charging
  • EV Driver Profile: Anna Munie and her Rivian R1T
  • Sidebar: Your EV's 12V Battery and Why It's Important
  • Bonus:  Electrify Your Lawn Care, 2023 Edition

Issue #8 - November 2022

In this issue, we highlight some local coffee shops with EV charging nearby, take a fun EV road trip along Michigan’s Sunset Coast, and meet another Consumers Energy EV Specialist who has been driving an EV for years. Plus, learn how you can charge your non-Tesla EV at a Tesla charging station with the right adapter.

Issue Highlights:

  • Charging and Coffee: A Caffeinating Combo
  • EV Road Trip - Michigan’s West Coast: No Sharks, No Jellyfish
    • Bonus:  Discussion of Necessity vs. Opportunity Charging 
  • EV Driver Profile: Justin Stowe
  • Sidebar: Tesla to J1772 Adapter
  • Bonus:  Electrify Your Snow Removal

Issue #7 - September 2022

In this issue, we highlight National Drive Electric Week, take a fun EV road trip along the Sunrise Coast and meet an EV driver whose transition to driving electric also led to a career change. Plus, we give you tips on how to use the Red E charging stations you might have seen during your statewide travels.

Issue Highlights:

  • National Drive Electric Week 2022
  • EV Road Trip - Michigan's Sunrise Coast
  • EV Driver Profile - Carson Seal
  • Sidebar - Charging on the Red E Network
  • Tips on Electrifying your Lawn Care

Issue #6 - June 2022

In this issue, we explore why plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) might be a good option for some drivers, we hear a fun story about how baking cakes can lead to buying an EV and we learn about a trendy summer destination to visit where you can charge up.  

Issue Highlights:

  • EV Basics - Plug-In Hybrids
  • EV Station Host Profile - Mawby Vineyards
  • EV Etiquette - Be a PlugShare Power User
  • EV Driver Profile - Luke Wilson
  • Link - EV Charging Stations Coming at State Parks 

Issue #5 - April 2022

In this issue, take a deep dive into the growing used EV market and explore the benefits of how driving electric can save you money compared to a similar internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. 

Issue Highlights:

  • EV Basics - New vs. Used
  • EV Station Host Profile - Coyne Oil & Propane
  • Operating Costs - How Much Cheaper Is It?
  • EV Driver Profile - Shawn Schwartz
  • Short-Range EV Road Trip 

Issue #4 - November 2021

In this issue, we explore how cold weather affects electric vehicles. So get cozy, fill your mug with hot coffee or cocoa, and let’s dig in!

Issue Highlights:

  • EV Basics - Winter Driving Tips
  • EV Station Host Profile - Cartier Mansion B&B
  • Home Charger and EV Rebates and Tax Credits
  • EV Driver Profile - Ben Brown

Issue #3 - September 2021

In this month’s issue, we’ll highlight a huge commitment by the auto industry that has a major impact on the future of EVs, we’ll talk about all the fun to be had during the long anticipated National Drive Electric Week, and we’ll highlight two new fast charging station locations. Plus, we wanted to put a “plug” in for PlugShare and talk with Cindy Brady from Muskegon about her EV experience since she made the switch to all electric from a Fiat Gucci edition.  

Issue Highlights:

  • National Drive Electric Week
  • EV Station Host Profile - J&H Family Stores
  • Finding a Charging Station with PlugShare
  • EV Driver Profile - Cindy Brady
  • EV Tip - Remote Climate Control

Issue #2 - July 2021

In this month’s issue, we’ll take a closer look at vehicle charging, highlight a fun Michigan road trip destination that doubles as an EV host station, have a look at a line-up of electric motorcycles and meet an EV driver who is an efficiency expert – literally.

Issue Highlights:

  • EV Basics - Home Charging
  • Road Trip Charging - AFDC Charger Map
  • EV Station Host Profile - Roan & Black 
  • Electric Motorcycles and Three Wheelers
  • EV Driver Profile - Paul Pancella
  • EV Tip - Remote Climate Control

Issue #1 - May 2021

Change can be overwhelming – but driving an EV doesn’t have to be.
Welcome to our inaugural newsletter where we will keep you up to date on all of the latest electric vehicle news and major breakthroughs and celebrate you – our EV partners and drivers!

In this first edition we're debuting our new fast charging station map, we highlight an EV station host familiar to most Michiganders, debunk the most common EV myths and connect with a newly minted EV driver about his experience.

Issue Highlights:

  • Map of new DC Fast Charging Stations
  • EV Station Host Profile - Meijer
  • Basic EV Myths
  • EV Driver Profile - Don Kalisz
  • EV Tip - ChargePoint


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