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Consumers Energy EV e-Newsletters

 [Updated 11/22/2021 to include Newsletter #4] I joined the  Consumers Energy  Electric Vehicle Programs team in January, so I have been focusing my education and outreach efforts in that direction rather than this blog.  One of the new outreach methods is an EV e-Newsletter that is being sent via e-mail to a select group of Consumers Energy EV customers such as those who have received rebates from the  PowerMIDrive  program.  However they are in the public domain and have been shared via social media.   While Consumers Energy does have web pages dedicated to EVs , the e-Newsletters have not been linked there yet.  While we work on making updates to the content of those EV web pages, here are the links to the first two issues.   Issue #1 - May 2021 Change can be overwhelming – but driving an EV doesn’t have to be. Welcome to our inaugural newsletter where we will keep you up to date on all of the latest electric vehicle news and major breakthroughs and celebrate you – our EV partners a