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EV Road Trip Comparison: 2015 Tesla Model S vs. 2015 Chevy Volt

In mid-August our 2015 Chevy Volt discussed in last month's essay on plug-in hybrids displayed an "Engine Maintenance" warning.   The message (see below) informs the driver that the car has used so little gasoline that it needs to burn some, presumably to keep the fluids in the internal combustion engine (ICE) moving, seals lubricated, etc.  From June through mid-August, the car was driven about 1,500 miles of local-only trips fueled primarily by electricity and only 0.4 gallons of gas.  
The on-screen message startled my daughter who was still getting used to the car.  After some time on Volt forums, I learned that this message is sort of a badge of honor among Volt drivers because it means you're using so little gas.Time to Burn Some GasThe end of university summer vacation necessitated a return trip to Kansas City.  In the past, we have either made the drive from Michigan with a rented minivan or with the 2015 Tesla Model S depending on the amount of stuff to be tr…