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Michigan Spring: Daffodils and Public Chargers are Popping Up

Forget morels!  Let's find public chargers! Image source: Karl Bloss Despite Michigan's quarantine for non-essential travel, Michiganders are still permitted to drive out for essential and even recreational motorcycling is an approved activity.  As such, my Zero DSR electric motorcycle has been a wonderful way to experience some fresh air and even run some essential errands like getting milk from my favorite milk source Country Dairy in New Era, MI.   Another good excuse to get out is to find new public chargers.   Michigan utility Consumers Energy has been running the  PowerMIDrive  program that provides rebates for both at-home* and public charging infrastructure.  That means despite a slowdown in construction due to COVID-19, public chargers are still going in and will continue to pop up during 2020. * For more detail on eligible home chargers, see the Consumers Energy  Home Charger Rebates  page.   ChargePoint station at First and Western in Muskegon I