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115 Mile Road Trip in a 90-Mile-Range Nissan LEAF

The opening of a brand new ChargePoint DC Quick Charger (PlugShare link) in Walker, Michigan just on the eastern outskirts of Grand Rapids lent itself for a road trip test.

On the previous day, I had taken a family member to the Grand Rapids (GRR) airport from Muskegon, which is a 50-some mile trip one way and thus over 100 miles round trip.  In my 240+ mile range Tesla, that's not even breaking a sweat, but in the Nissan LEAF I would have to charge.

Rather than do a write up, I thought I would have some fun with this and record some video footage of the same trip in my LEAF, which I then edited together with some details into this 20-minute YouTube Video

The point is to show how a short-range EV like my 2016  LEAF (it's a 30 kWh but at 87% it's original capacity according to LEAF Spy, thus 90-ish miles of range) can behave on such a trip and whether charging infrastructure can now make this trip more practical. 

Since I'm also contemplating an upgrade of that LEAF,…