Plug In West Michigan Podcast - Episode 4 - Used EVs

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Episode 4 Show Notes


Main Topic:  Used Electric Vehicles
  • Main points for buying a used EV:
    • How will the car be used?
    • What range do you need for daily driving?  Don’t forget about winter range loss and eventual battery degradation.
    • Do you expect to take it on road trips?
    • Bottom line: does it meet your driving needs?
  • What charging ports and parameters should you look for?
    • Size of the battery pack - translates into range
    • On-board charger - typically 3.3 - 6.6 KW; translates into miles of range per hour of charge
    • Standard J1772 port
    • Quick charge port - CHAdeMO or CCS, some trim levels or vehicle types will not have this.
  • What equipment should come with it?
    • EVSE “charger” cable
  • What types of used plug-in vehicles am I likely to find?
    • Chevy Volt
    • Nissan LEAF
    • Ford Energi series: C-Max, Fusion
    • Smart ForTwo ED
    • Mitsubishi IMiev
  • What is a good first plug-in vehicle?
    • Consider a plug-in hybrid
    • Don't rule out a battery electric if it meets your range needs
  • What do I need to look for in a used EV?
    • Mainly battery health
    • Most EVs have a liquid-cooled battery and last a long time
    • Nissan LEAF
      • Has a passively-cooled battery
      • Battery health indicator bars can be seen on the dash next to the state of charge bars.
      • LEAF Spy - uses OBD (on-board diagnostic) Bluetooth connector and the Leaf Spy app.  There is a free LEAF Spy Lite version of the app to make sure it works with your phone and OBD connector, but the more useful versions require payment.  See more below.  
      • If you’re thinking of getting a used LEAF, find out how many battery bars there are and get in touch with me or your local EV group to see who can help you run a LEAF Spy diagnostic check.
  • Do I need an expensive upgrade to my house to be able to charge an EV at home?
    • Fundamentally, any 120V standard outlet can power an EV, but most owners elect to add a 240V circuit, like an electric dryer circuit.  The costs of that depend on the house’s electrical system, but can often be added just for a few hundred dollars.  
  • Do I still get a federal tax credit if I buy a used EV?
    • No, only new cars apply.  Be careful when buying a dealer demo and get clarification whether it’s consider new or used.
  • How can I find out more?
    • Do your own on-line research.  Search engines are your friend!
    • Connect with a local electric vehicle enthusiast group! (see below)
  • Used cars online:
  • LEAF Spy -
  • LEAF Spy app for Android:
  • LEAF Spy app for iOS:

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