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How To Power Your Home During A Power Outage With An Electric Vehicle

"Numerous power outages expected, likely prolonged."
...reads the warning from the local Google Crisis Map warning for West Michigan as I compose this essay.  We still have power and internet at the moment, but it wasn't that way on February 7, 2019 when we lost power for nearly a full day.  The patchwork of power outages shown on the Consumers Energy Outage Map looked like a product of a quilting bee.

With just about everything in your home needing power to operate, even the controls and ignition of my gas furnace were affected.  I noticed that the house was getting a bit chilly in the 15°F outdoor temperatures.  While our comfort and access to a hot shower was a concern to me, ironically it was the 40 lbs of Michigan blueberries in my freezer being in jeopardy of thawing out that first popped into my head.

Note: if you prefer a quick video overview, I recorded this YouTube video.
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Plug In West Michigan Podcast - Episode 2 - Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

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Episode 2 Show Notes
Host: Karl BlossBlog: www.muskegonevguy.comInstagram @muskegonevguyWest Michigan EV community: Josh Bourdon

Main Topic:  Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
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