EV Road Trip - Day 3 Log and Final Statistics

EV Road Trip - Day 3 Log (Final)


The photo album link remains the same.  Google tends to put the newer pictures at the bottom, so scroll down if you already viewed previous pictures.



9:00 AM - Departure Holland, MI - 691 miles total

With a reliable charging spot only 5 minutes walk from the hotel, I made my pre-breakfast trek to the Holland Bureau of Public Works (PlugShare link), plugged in and let the car charge while I processed myself and had breakfast.  With less than 40 miles to go, this would be my last charge prior to arriving at home.  I departed Holland with an 88% state of charge.

Windshield view of downtown Muskegon

9:57 AM - Arrival Muskegon, MI - 728 miles total (final mileage)

The final few miles were rather anticlimactic.  Coming home from a road trip is always bittersweet for me.  It's great to be home, see family and relax (as evidenced by my delay in writing the final episode).  However, no chargers to scope out, people to discuss EVs with, and no charming towns or restaurants to check out during the charge wait.

We are in the process of building a house, so the LEAF will have to share 120V trickle charging and a public ChargePoint station with the Tesla currently residing in our garage.  That is, until our house is finished and the two 240V 50A circuits are commissioned.  

The LEAF at our Michigan home construction project

Totals and Other Statistics

I forgot to post Day 2 totals, so here is the overall, which really only had the final jaunt from Holland to Muskegon added:

Miles:  728 per odometer.  I had forgotten to unpause the Geo Tracker app (see link below under "Resources"), so there's a gap rendering the total unreliable.  No big deal...it pretty much agreed with the odometer other than my movement with the phone and without the car.  Still, the Geo Tracker created a nice path to follow (see graphic below).  For those interested in the full map file, here's the Google Drive File Link.  The file is in GPX format which can be read by a number of public domain programs.  

The LEAF is reunited with his big brother
Time on the Road (driving and charging): 

  • Day 1: 15-1/2 hours
  • Day 2: 15-1/2 hours (strange coincidence with Day 1)
  • Day 3: 1 hour
  • Overall 32 hours
Average speed including charging, but not including overnight stays:  22.8 miles per hour

Number of charges (Total, Level 2, DC Quick): 16, 11, 5

Energy charged during trip:  173 kWh

Overall energy efficiency: 4.18 miles / kWh

Overall energy cost: $41.85

Average energy cost: $0.241 / kWh

Average cost per mile: $0.057 / mile

In the next episode, I'll share some final thoughts and tips on this EV road trip as well as some discussion on range and charging infrastructure.

Overall Path

Final Overall Path 


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