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EV Road Trips - Why 100-0% Range Doesn't Matter

Range tests at highway speeds do not give a complete picture of the road trip worthiness of the vehicle.  Not if your trip is longer than the single-charge range.  At highway speeds.  In the winter.  Let's use a recent EV market entry as an example for the good ol' American road trip? PlugShare Trip Planner:  Single Charge Ideal Road Trip A December 14, 2020 article from Green Car Reports tested the soon-to-be-released Ford Mustang Mach-E at highway speeds.  The manufacturer's overall range estimate of 270 miles sounds impressive, but does not hold up under continuous highway speed use.  According to the article, the expected highway range of the Mach-E would be closer to 219 miles.   The average reader might take away that the car can comfortably travel about 219 miles between charges.  Divide by a 70 MPH average highway speed and we get a cruising time of just over 3 hours before the car needs to be charged again. That scenario will likely never happen.    Road trips lo