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EV Charging on a TT-30 30-Amp RV Plug

50-Amp vs. 30-Amp RV Receptacles Image  source: Karl Bloss Note: This is Tesla-heavy content related to the Universal Mobile Charger (UMC).  However, the discussion of adapters is relevant to other EVs.   In my recent  winter road trip , I visited a friend who informed he had "some kind of RV plug" behind his house from a previous RV owner. If you prefer a video overview with less detail, jump to this short YouTube video on the topic: RV Plugs Explained When we hear about RV power plugs, it's usually just in reference to a "30-amp" and a "50-amp" plug.  Unfortunately, amps don't tell the whole story because what we are really after is power (Watts) rather than flow of electricity (amps).  If the technical details are too much for you, skip down to the Bottom Line  adapters section. Roughly speaking: Watts (power) = Volts (potential) x Amps (flow) Watts or Kilowatts (KW) are what give an indication of