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Plug In West Michigan Podcast - Episode 8 - EVs in Winter

Part of  WKTV Journal  Grand Rapids, MI Community Programming Listen Here:  Plug-In West Michigan Podcast ... or find it on your favorite podcast feed like iTunes or  Spotify . Episode 8 - EVs in Winter Show Notes Introduction Host: Karl Bloss Blog: Instagram  @muskegonevguy West Michigan EV community: Guest: Ted Ooyevaar, EV owner, enthusiast and road warrior Theme song composed by  Tyler Burke Main Topic:  Electric Vehicle Considerations in Winter Weather What happens to cars when it gets cold? All cars lose efficiency and range in the winter.  Gas cars just burn more gas and need to warm up longer. Traction: I highly recommend winter tires no matter what car you have.  The traction is so much better than so-called “all-season” tires, which I call “no season” tires. First let’s talk about the positives: If you’re just traveling around home, you just plug in at home in the comfort of y