Plug In West Michigan Podcast - Episode 7 - Electric Motorcycles

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Episode 7 Show Notes


Main Topic:  Electric Motorcycles

    Local EV News
    • The Walker DC Quick Charger (PlugShare link: at the Meijer gas station that I’ve talked about in a few shows has now changed from free to 30c per minute.  That sounds like a lot, but consider that most folks will only need 10-20 minutes to charge.  Also, the free charging model is not sustainable.
    • National Drive Electric Week is coming up in September.  This is a series of show and tell events for all electric vehicles organized by enthusiasts rather than dealers or manufacturers where you can check out, sit in, drive in, and talk to owners of electric vehicles.  There will be local events in:
      • Kentwood - 
      • Hastings
      • Kalamazoo
      • I am planning to attend all 3 and have my Zero DSR motorcycle there for people to check out and I believe there will be at least one other.  One of the Tesla service mechanics also drives one and he should be at the Kentwood event for sure.

    Value Added
    • Proficient Motorcycling - a wonderful book on being a better and safer rider.  It's not a new book, so you can find it at your library or good used copies on
    • There is a peer-to-peer charging network called EVMatch that lets you list your home charger for other EV owners to use.  It was originally only in states like California and Colorado, but they have now expanded nationwide from what I can tell.  
      • You can sign up for free here (full disclosure: I benefit in charging credits from using my referral code):
    • RAM Mount X-Grip is a great system for holding smartphones and all kinds of gear.  Mine goes from car (windshield suction cup) to bicycle (handlebar mount) to motorcycle (also handlebar mount).
    • is a throttle assist that lets you roll on a motorcycle throttle with your palm.

    If you are in the market for a Tesla Model S, Model X, or Model 3, use my referral code to get free limited Supercharging.  Program details:


    My new toy: a 2016 Zero DSR

    Zero DS at the 2018 National Drive Electric event in Grand Rapids

    Guest Brad Kallio and yours truly at WKTV after our podcast recording


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