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Plug In West Michigan Podcast - Episode 7 - Electric Motorcycles

Part of  WKTV Journal  Grand Rapids, MI Community Programming Listen Here:  Plug-In West Michigan Podcast ... or find it on your favorite podcast feed like iTunes or  Spotify . Episode 7 Show Notes Introduction Host: Karl Bloss Blog: Instagram  @muskegonevguy West Michigan EV community: Guest: Brad Kallio - , Theme song composed by  Tyler Burke Main Topic:  Electric Motorcycles The usual EV questions: How far can it go on a charge?  Zero DS 13.0 kWh - 70-140 miles How long does it take to charge?  Depends on the charger installed 9 hours on 110V standard outlet <2 hours with a J1772 Charge Tank Some motorcycles will have DC quick charging capability to allow charging in 20-30 minutes How much does it cost to charge? At $0.10 per kWh, a 13 kWh battery costs $1.30 to charge Efficiency 90-120 miles for 11 kWh = 8-11 miles/kWh, 2-3 times a

Decision Time on my 2016 LEAF Lease

My trusty steed: a 2016 Nissan LEAF SV The 3-year lease on my 2016 Nissan LEAF comes to an end in August.  That means I need to make a decision whether to turn it back in or buy it out.  Linked with this decision is what vehicle would replace the LEAF as our daily driver if I decide to return it to Nissan. For the TLDR folks, here's the summary: I already have a Tesla Model S. The 2019 LEAFs are too expensive for me. My wife and I didn't like the Bolt EV. The other 60 kWh+ EV aren't available in Michigan yet. I have 16-year-old driver in the house. I'm buying out the lease on the 2016 LEAF. The point of this essay is not to convince anyone to come to the same conclusion, but rather to walk you through the thought process of how to approach the decision-making process and hopefully help you consider what EV may work for you.  For details on the above, read on. Rewind to 2016 When we first decided to lease the 2016 LEAF, our garage contained