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Plug In West Michigan Podcast - Episode 6 - Home Charging

Part of  WKTV Journal  Grand Rapids, MI Community Programming Listen Here:  Plug-In West Michigan Podcast ... or find it on your favorite podcast feed like iTunes or  Spotify . Episode 6 Show Notes Introduction Host: Karl Bloss Blog: Instagram  @muskegonevguy West Michigan EV community: Guest: Kraig Schultz,  Schultz Engineering Theme song composed by  Tyler Burke Main Topic:  Home Charging Home vs. public charging Fundamentally, most charging will take place at home if you have a garage or driveway where you have access to power.  Home charging is even more convenient than pumping gas; just plug in and you have a full "tank" in the morning. When you have an EV, most days you start off with a 80-100%, go about your day and plug in again at night.  This is not much different from your cell phone.   Public charging will be the exception for most drivers. MuskegonEVGuy Blog Essay: