115 Mile Road Trip in a 90-Mile-Range Nissan LEAF

One of two ChargePoint DCQCs in Walker, MI
The opening of a brand new ChargePoint DC Quick Charger (PlugShare link) in Walker, Michigan just on the eastern outskirts of Grand Rapids lent itself for a road trip test.

On the previous day, I had taken a family member to the Grand Rapids (GRR) airport from Muskegon, which is a 50-some mile trip one way and thus over 100 miles round trip.  In my 240+ mile range Tesla, that's not even breaking a sweat, but in the Nissan LEAF I would have to charge.

Rather than do a write up, I thought I would have some fun with this and record some video footage of the same trip in my LEAF, which I then edited together with some details into this 20-minute YouTube Video

The point is to show how a short-range EV like my 2016  LEAF (it's a 30 kWh but at 87% it's original capacity according to LEAF Spy, thus 90-ish miles of range) can behave on such a trip and whether charging infrastructure can now make this trip more practical. 

Since I'm also contemplating an upgrade of that LEAF, it had me wondering whether the 40 kWh standard LEAF is good enough coupled with the growing infrastructure or whether it's worth it to pay the extra monthly lease payment (I'm likely not buying) on a 62 kWh LEAF Plus.  Obviously that answer depends on your personal situation, but I go a bit into my thought process.  Spoiler:  I haven't decided yet.

I hope you find it interesting and it adds some value to your EV life.

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