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Plug In West Michigan Podcast - Episode 4 - Used EVs

Part of  WKTV Journal  Grand Rapids, MI Community Programming Listen Here:  Plug-In West Michigan Podcast ... or find it on your favorite podcast feed like iTunes or  Spotify . New!   WKTV now videotapes the recordings.   Here's the  Facebook video link to this show. Episode 4 Show Notes Introduction Host: Karl Bloss Blog: Instagram  @muskegonevguy West Michigan EV community: Guest: Paul Pancella, Professor and Chair of Physics Department, Western Michigan University Main Topic:  Used Electric Vehicles Main points for buying a used EV: How will the car be used? What range do you need for daily driving?  Don’t forget about winter range loss and eventual battery degradation. Do you expect to take it on road trips? Bottom line: does it meet your driving needs? What charging ports and parameters should you look for? Size of the battery pack - translates into range On-board charger