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Electric Vehicle Home Charging - Charging to 80%

EV Home Charging - Charging to 80% Maximum State of Charge If you have been around the EV community long enough, you have probably heard the advice to keep you battery's state-of-charge (SOC) below a certain level if you don't need the range for a road trip.  The number quoted is often 80%. Keeping the SOC of a lithium-ion battery above a certain point for long periods of time, particularly in the heat, has been shown to accelerate early degradation of the battery capacity.  There are scholarly articles to dive into the details such as this one from .   I encountered the two-dimensional temperature - SOC plot on David Laur's  David Laur's blog  that focuses on life with a Nissan LEAF.  The purpose is to communicate the best combination of temperature and SOC to maximize battery longevity in the LEAF's passively-cooled battery pack.  In Dave's words:  "Now, we all know Nissan put the fear of God into us when charging

Plug In West Michigan Podcast - Episode 1 - Myths

Part of  WKTV Journal  Grand Rapids, MI Community Programming Listen Here:  Episode 1 - EV Myths Episode 1 Show Notes Introduction Host: Karl Bloss Blog: Instagram @muskegonevguy West Michigan EV community: Guest: Tyler Burke  Main Topic:  Electric Vehicle Myths Links and References AARP magazine: Electric Cars: Chevy Bolt EV vs. Tesla Model 3 Finding charging stations: PlugShare site: PlugShare app iOS app Android app Charging networks: EVGo ChargePoint Electrify America Electric Vehicle torque and acceleration YouTube: Electric Vehicle Torque at 0 RPM Explained YouTube: Tesla Ludicrous Model S launch reactions Electric Vehicle tax credit: reference US News & World Report article Electric Vehicle operation cost US Alternative Fuels Data Center Plug In America:  How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Car? Electric Vehicle emi

EV Road Trips - Placement of Public Chargers

EV Road Trips - Placement of Public Chargers MO 127 at I-70 - Image Source: Google Street View The narrow Missouri Route 127 bridge across Interstate 70 was never intended to be crossed on foot.  As I walked  over the bridge, the lack of sidewalk or even a shoulder more than several inches wide made the approaching pickup truck swing a wide arc across the double yellow line as a courtesy to give me more room.  Gusts of airflow buffeting from high-speed trucks passing under the bridge did little to mitigate the Midwest September heat radiating from the blacktop.  I picked up the walking pace to get off this patch of pavement more quickly.  A bottle of iced tea and the air conditioning inside Casey's General Store in Sweet Springs, MO helped combat my body heat as beads of sweat combined to create an uncomfortable flow down my face, neck and spine. I-70 Community Hospital chargers, Sweet Springs, MO My 2016 Nissan LEAF was parked at the I-70 Community Hospital on the so