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Electric Vehicle Home Charging Basics

EV Home Charging - An Introduction Whether you are thinking of getting a plug-in vehicle or you have already made the leap into electrified transportation, one of the logical first questions is “how do I charge my car?”  Assuming you live in a place where you can park in reach of electrical infrastructure, this essay will be relevant for you.  Even if you have already decided that a regular 120V outlet is good enough for your purposes, please read on and consider what an upgrade might provide you and at what cost. I Just Bought an EV and Just Need a Quick Recommendation  If you wish to skip the technical details and go straight to a recommendation, here's my take: Free - just use your 120V adapter that came with the car. $250 or less* - Quick Charge Power  Go Cable  - 16A (3.8 KW) $500 or less* - Quick Charge Power  Jesla Jr  - 32A (7.6 KW) Premium with WiFi, timer and app capability -  JuiceBox Pro 40  ($549) Buying a JuiceBox?  Use my  JuiceBox Referral Code  to sa