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EV Road Trip - Kansas City to Litchfield, IL

EV Road Trip Plan - Day 1 Meet the LEAF Before I get started with planning and routes, meet the noble steed that will be ferrying me through the amber waves of grain: A 2016 Nissan LEAF.  The SV and SL trims of that model year received the slightly larger 30 kWh battery, and the 6 kWh capacity gain over the 2015 and earlier models  makes a made a significant difference in range and driving patterns. 2016 LEAF SV with 30 kWh battery The 2016 LEAF has a 6.6 KW onboard AC charger with the standard J1772 port found on all North American plug-in vehicles.  I also opted for the CHAdeMO DC Quick Charge (DCQC) port alongside the J1772.    The US EPA estimates 107 miles of range under normal driving conditions, but this doesn't include pure 65-70 MPH highway use.  Furthermore, the LEAF Spy software currently reads 90% battery state of health (SOH%), thus I can expect 60-90 miles of range depending on conditions.  For PlugShare Trip Planner purposes, I entered 80 miles of

Road Trip Planning For Short-Range EVs

Road Trips For Short-Range Electric Vehicles A Parade of LEAFs in downtown Reykjavik Iceland's 900-mile Ring Road connects most of the inhabitants and tourists along the perimeter of the geologically active island.  While electric vehicles (EVs) are not yet available for visiting tourists, the frequency of EV sightings was astounding.  The gentle whirr of the Nissan LEAFs Vehicle Sounds for Pedestrians ( VSP ) was as common as the unmistakable diesel compression combustion sound from passing buses.   DC quick chargers (orange) along Iceland's Ring Road Iceland has very few resources, but in addition to an abundance of sheep, the island nation boasts nearly unlimited geothermal heat that is also the primary source of the island's carbon-free power source.  The government even sweetened the deal for EV drivers by blanketing the Ring Road with free DC quick chargers with spacing so that even short-range EVs can circumnavigate the island.   Compare that to near

Electric Vehicle Road Trips

Can Electric Vehicles Go On Road Trips? Gas stations?  We don't need no stinkin' gas stations! I frequently attend electric vehicle (EV) outreach events such as National Drive Electric Week, car shows, and sometimes I even get accosted at public EV chargers.  In addition to questions like "how far can you go on a charge?" and "how long does it take to charge?", one of the most frequent questions I hear from drivers unfamiliar with EVs is "what happens when you want to go on a road trip?"  Although people prefer a simple answer, in this case, it's complicated and it's heavily dependent on what type of car you have. The quick answer:  Yes, but it may not be convenient...yet. Road Tripping in a Plug-In Hybrid For those unfamiliar with the term plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), sometimes called an extended range electric vehicle, these cars have an electric drive train with an internal combustion engine (ICE) as a range ex

Introduction - The Muskegon EV Guy

What is This All About? You Buy Gas - I don't In 2014 I returned to Missouri from an ex-pat assignment in Germany, and our company relocation policy did not pay for vehicles to be transported before and after the assignment.  Back in the USA, my family and I needed to start fresh with purchasing cars.  Having been influenced by the German mindset in energy efficiency and sustainability, I wanted to purchase fuel-efficient and low-emitting vehicles.  We needed at least two vehicles:  a commuter car for me as well as a kid and grocery hauler for the rest of the family.  To make a long story short (but one I will elaborate on in later posts), I started with a 2012 Nissan LEAF electric vehicle and have since purchased or leased 3 electric vehicles and driven more than 80,000 electric miles. Why Are you Writing a Blog? Driving electric is a paradigm shift.  While there are many experts and resources for electric vehicle (EV) early adopters, drivers new to EVs typically don